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About Brierley Hill Crystal

Brierley Hill English Crystal - "A Family Owned Company" (Est 1913) Brierley Hill Crystal was founded nearly one hundred years ago under the name BrierGlass and has been owned by the same family ever since. We are probably the only Company left in the UK who specialise in 'roughing' and 'smoothing' techniques using traditional stone cutting methods to achieve the extraordinary depth and brilliance associated with our products Hand made in the world famous crystal area of Stourbridge  .

Brierley hill crystal  can now offer you a full range of English hand made crystal that will always be in stock or can be quickly made because our Artisans hand craft all of the crystal at our Brierley Hill Factory.

Brierley Hill crystal provide hand cut crystal in a range of designs.

Brierley Hill and Staffordshire Crystal are major UK suppliers of fine English crystal glassware to luxury Retailers or corporate customers, we are also able to supply beautifully packaged English crystal for prestigious awards, corporate functions and sporting events.

All of our crystal can be personalised with inscriptions, corporate logos or sporting designs by our factory in house engraving and design studio.

We supply English hand crafted crystal in English sourced packaging.