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Terms & Conditions

Our Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale are as follows:

These terms and conditions will apply to all orders accepted by us, to the exclusion of any other conditions unless previously agreed to the contrary by us, in writing.


Prices are for single items unless stated otherwise and are subject to change without notice. While every care is taken to ensure prices stated are up-to-date and correct, some errors may occur. If you believe an error has been made on your order, please contact us.

Any products ordered with a blue background which form part of the "BUSINESS GIFTS AND AWARDS" section (singular or multiple purchases) will incur a delivery charge of £12.50.

Value Added Tax.

All prices given are inclusive of VAT.

Payment Terms.

All payments are to be made by cheque, credit/debit card or bank transfer before despatch of goods can be made.

Damage or Loss.

Damage to, or shortage of goods, must be notified to us in writing by post or email, within 3 days of delivery. Non-arrival of goods within seven days of us taking payment, must be notified to us immediately.


Whilst every effort will be made to deliver orders on due dates, we shall not be under any liability whatsoever as a result of failure to meet delivery requirements. Orders are accepted and delivery promises given, conditionally upon our being able to secure the necessary goods, labour and materials and without responsibility for delays arising through risks and uncertanties of manufacture, strikes, accidents and other causes beyond our control.

Return of Goods.

Except for faulty goods or incorrectly fulfilled orders, goods will not be accepted for return without prior agreement in writing by email or post. Faulty or damaged goods will be replaced collecting any originals upon replacements delivered or fully refunded including any reasonable return postage (unless collected by us). Due to the traditional production methods used, minor imperfections (ie: bubbles) may exist.
If a customer returns unwanted Crystal under £50 then they forego the delivery charge


All measurements and descriptions are approximate and for guidance only. We reserve the right to modify designs and specifications without prior notice.