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Crystal Brandy Glasses

Our very finest balloon brandy glasses are a very best  addition to a home, hotel bar or as a very best unique gift for a very finest drinks connoisseur. They are deal for enjoying the subtle aromas and flavours of your finest brandy, Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados. The classic design of Brierley hill crystal brandy glasses is an essential glass for every home or Hotel bar. The shape concentrates the nuances of the bouquet and the round wide bowl lies perfectly in the hand bringing the brandy to the right temperature.So your finest Brandy is the ultimate winter warmer. There is a plain honesty about brandy that is refreshing; no grand origins and no fancy traditions. Brandy has become the quintessential winter drink. The character of brandy served in the very best Brierley hill crystal is almost made for cold winter days. The generous aromas, rich flavours and bracing warmth of your finest brandy are a treat for the senses, enjoyed neat at room temperature or warmed, slowly as you feel the very best in English handmade Brierley hill crystal with your loving hands holding a beautiful handcrafted cut crystal brandy balloon made in the heart of the world famous area of Stourbridge.