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Crystal Perfume Bottles

The finest fragrances demand the finest glassware

Crystal Glass Perfume Bottles allow you to enhance those expensive fragrances the sophistication they deserve. The range of beautiful, hand made Perfume Bottles includes our Fuchsia, Westminster, Cascade, and Richmond styles, manufactured to the highest standards in the heart of England’s historic and globally-renowned glass-making region.

Each of our Crystal Glass Perfume Bottles is hand-crafted from full lead crystal glass ensuring that every product is made to the same exacting standards and guaranteeing you an object of lasting value and beauty.

If you are looking for a special gift, Perfume Bottles are always an excellent choice; a unique piece of glassware which is practical, pleasing to the eye, and a delight to hold and use.

Our Crystal Perfume Bottles make a fabulous addition to the dressing area as well as complementing any fine hand made glass collection.

Each perfume bottle is fitted with a high quality atomiser with coloured puffers designed to match the style and elegance of the glassware.

Using glass bottles as vessels for perfume and cosmetics is a tradition that goes back almost 3500 years when glassmaking first began in Mesopotamia. We are proud to continue that tradition with our exceptional range of beautiful Crystal Glass Perfume Bottles.